The Belarusian born, Brooklyn raised designer started her eponymous line in 1999. In the pre-Instagram-aughts, she was among the cult designers favored by women looking to embody their complex femininity through innovative clothes. Her work was featured in Barneys for a decade along with numerous exclusive boutiques across the US. 

By 2009, fast fashion and social media had changed the rules and Kapustina, also craving a life-change, closed her popular line. Kapustina, who had been on track toward a career in science before embarking on a fashion career, returned to her love of biological systems and engineering.

After a long hiatus from fashion and completing a degree in chemical engineering in 2017, she decided to marry her two passions and relaunch her line focusing  on sustainability and a designer driven market. Embracing limited edition, local production, she is creating contemporary clothes based on deeply personal designs. Moving away from commercialism and consumerism, the collection also incorporates one of a kind pieces made by hand that explores her fascination with mysticism, Russian folklore and the magic of the forest and dream life.

With her unique ability to understand the languages of design and engineering, Kapustina has created a line adhering to principals of holistic sustainability. In addition to designing clothes, Kapustina is the founder of  FiberGen; A  company that is utilizing synthetic biology for textiles in hopes of alleviating land fill problems and re-imagining material life cycles.  

In her spare time,  Kapustina also teaches sustainable design systems at the acclaimed Parsons School of Design and continues her commitment to introduce the scientific language and an interconnected  approach to emerging designers.