At Olga Kapustina, we choose to use high quality, naturally biodegradable materials such as silk, linen and non-mulesed wool and organic cotton.

The silk is supplied by a mill which does not use harmful azo and formaldehyde based dyes while taking extra environmental precautions by treating and recycling their water.

We also use pre-existing local stock to reduce transportation related energy consumption and overall industry waste. This philosophy allows the collection to be produced here in New York  supporting the garment center and its workers.

Currently, the collection is made domestically in New York via small batches. As additional fabrications are introduced, the company is committed to using sustainable materials from environmentally responsible and ethically minded factories both here in the U.S. and overseas.

Commitment to sustainability
Our designs are made with superior materials and workmanship utilizing classic, sophisticated silhouettes intended to persist as compelling garments over time. In our commitment to sustainability, we believe buying less is always a better option. Therefore, we are offering to rework and redesign your old Olga Kapustina pieces from previous collections at a fraction of the cost of retail. Contact us for more information.